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French Fling - a novel by Nancy L. Milby

$ 11.95

Ah! France! Where wine and passion flow and flourish—but not without intrigue, and certainly not without consequences.

Welcome back to A Foreign Affair, the novels of Nancy Milby. The dynasty that began with Falling for France and now invites us to share a decidedly French Fling.


Lorilee Sheridan concluded twenty years of passionless marriage to a Philadelphia lawyer when she visits her long-time friend Annie Macallister deep in the south of France, to ponder a new life as an unmarried woman. Her own dormant desires are about to be awakened, for while she is oblivious to the potency of her own sexual allure, she is not unnoticed by a tall, dark, and yes, ruggedly handsome Laurent Dubois, who spies her across the crowded room at a Nimes art gallery reception. His conservative attire fails to conceal a body made buff by a lifetime of military service, and Lorilee finds herself imagining where the tattoo that begins a spiral down his neck concludes. 

But Lori's reverie is interrupted by repeated calls with ascending urgency from her ex-husband to locate a thumb drive that she may have mistakenly packed away when they finalized their divorce. Possessing that drive puts her life in extreme danger. Villains are afoot, and closing in on her.

Her team of allies includes the entire Macallister clan, so fully fleshed out in Nancy's previous novels in this series. But what of retired colonel Laurent Dubois? Can she really invite him into the vortex, when it is clear the only thing he has ever feared is emotional intimacy? Is this a true romance, or simply a French Fling?

(This is book #5 of A Foreign Affair)