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Finding France- a novel by Nancy L. Milby

$ 11.95

Ah! France! Where wine and passion flow and flourish—but not without intrigue, and certainly not without consequences.

Welcome back to A Foreign Affair, the novels of Nancy Milby. The dynasty that began with Falling for France and French Twist is about to be tested.

Gabrielle Walker is lamenting a life unraveling, the result of having loved and trusted a scoundrel, when a letter arrives from the other side of the world declaring that a distant cousin she had never met has bequeathed her an estate in the heart of the Dordogne River Valley in France. Gabrielle arrives to claim her inheritance amidst a brewing land fight with a disgruntled local, distracting her from emerging headlines that a murder has taken place at the Ministry of Agriculture in Paris. She has no reason to think the events in Paris could interfere with her happily-ever-after. The charming Michel Bouvier knows otherwise. Why is he so secretive? Is it only his desire for her that he conceals? Another scoundrel? Gabrielle is determined not to be the moth to his flame. There is something other than wine fermenting here. Can she find a way to trust again, as she herself is Finding France?

(This is book #3 of A Foreign Affair)