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Finding Home- a novel by Nancy L. Milby

$ 11.95

Ah! France! Where wine and passion flow and flourish—but not without intrigue, and certainly not without consequences.

Welcome back to A Foreign Affair, the novels of Nancy Milby. The dynasty that began with Falling for France and French Twist and left us last Finding France introduced us to the enigma that is Etienne Matisse, the gentle brute convinced that love is only possible for those of more refined features and manners.

Etienne is the Interpol cyber-sleuth whose current case is to connect those elusive dots that indicate the perfect crime is about to be perpetrated against France's most sacred wine industry.  The bad guys are as ruthless as they are brilliant.  Murder is on their tool bar and in their tool box. A click away.

Neither friends nor adversaries accuse Etienne of finesse, and his intimidating size and rough edges work well to his advantage.

At least, they do until he is assigned to be the body guard of a woman he has always loved, and never told.  

Etienne Matisse, it seams, has a heart, and has a past. Discover them both in Nancy Milby's Finding Home. 

(This is book #4 of A Foreign Affair)