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French Twist- a novel by Nancy L. Milby

$ 11.95

Ah! France! Where wine and passion flow and flourish—but not without intrigue, and certainly not without consequences.

Welcome back to A Foreign Affair, the novels of Nancy Milby. As you open the pages to continue the saga begun with Kaden and Annie in Falling for France, bear in mind that before Menage a Trois appeared on the shelves of Safeway and Piggly Wiggly, the blend was not of three grapes, but of three people. Louise Marcel has crossed the pond with a perfect American smile and a flowing Southern accent to study the mystery of medieval architecture in France. What she discovers among the ruins is the ruins of a man, quite literally, who has been beaten and left for dead. Alex Bouvier is on to something … but what? And for whom? Louise must decide if he is more trouble than he is worth. And can he be trusted with her own hidden agenda? Help her decide. Oh, and trust Nancy Milby, and not Piggly-Wiggly, to recommend the wine while you read!

(This is book #2 of A Foreign Affair)