Wine Classes

Wine Basics I For Consumers

This course is for those who love wine and want to learn more about it, but are afraid to jump into our certificate classes. Taught by Chef Laurent Brazier, this 3-part series includes basic information about international grape varietals and reading labels, introduction to the major wine growing regions of the world, and each region’s unique classification system, as well as a beginners approach to tasting wine.   Six different wines will be tasted in each class.

  • Class 1: Introduction to wine & wine tasting, how to serve wine, France as a wine region
  • Class 2: Spain, Italy and Germany as wine regions
  • Class 3: California and the west coast, Southern hemisphere

    Did we mention a Level 2 is Here!  Exciting classes coming your way! 

    Dates offered for this series:


    Series 3 - Tuesdays, May 16, 23 & 30, 6-9pm

    Price: $180 for three classes.




    Wine Basics II


    Loved Wine Basics and want a little more without jumping into our certificate programs? This class is for you! Higher end wines, more in-depth study of the topics, as follows:

            • Class 1: The Loire Valley whites and Chardonnay "side by side"
            • Class 2: Bourgogne and Bordeaux in depth
            • Class 3: Italian reds north to south

    Dates offered for this series: Stay tuned for future dates!

    Price: $250 for three classes.


    The Aromas Of Wine For Consumers

    Every wine presents a unique set of aromas and flavors that, in their own unique combinations, create the essential flavors that we have come to expect in our wine. In this class you will learn to recognize and identify these aromas and flavors, and you will learn how to associate them with the specific varietals and regions to which they relate.

    Dates offered: Stay tuned for future dates!

    Price: $50 per person.


    "Tour of France" Wine Classes

    For those of you who are eager to learn more about French wine but don't have the experience to jump into the French Wine Scholar class, we are offering a more casual look at the major French wine regions. Each class will cover a bit of history, tradition, soil, climate, prevailing laws and wine styles, and we will taste 6 wines in each class. The classes may be taken individually or as a series. 10% discount for the entire series. Instructor: Nancy Milby, DWS, CS, CSW, FWS

    -Bordeaux & Southwest France - Thursday, February 2, 6-9pm Price $60

    -Loire Valley - Thursday, February 16, 6-9pm  Price $45

    -Champagne & Alsace - Thursday, March 2, 6-9pm  Price $60

    -Burgundy - Thursday, March 16, 6-9pm  Price $60

    -Rhone Valley (North & South) - Thursday, April 6, 6-9pm  Price $60

    -South of France (Languedoc/Roussillon & Provence) - Thursday, April 20, 6-9pm Price $45

    "Tour of France"- Entire Series (Includes all 6 classes)  Price $297