Bonny Doon Vineyard Querry Cider 2013

$ 12.00

¿Querry? A Getrunkenexperiment.

Label Art Notes:
The label was designed by Chuck House, based on a free-hand drawing by Randall Grahm, who, while sitting at the table with Chuck, attempted to show him more or less how he was thinking about the label design. The cider is shipped with two variant labels—a white and a black background—with the theoretical outcome of receiving any combination of the two.

Query: What might a blend of apple, pear, and quince taste like naturally fermented (with indigenous yeast)? Result (not surprisingly): The ethereal suggestion of pineapple quince; the pungent, heady, dusky perfume of pear; and the earthy succulence of apple. I never thought I'd see... a pome as lovely as Querry. Crisp in acidity and bone dry, Querry is the perfect accompaniment to, well, essentially everything. It is composed of virtually everything, but most significantly: 58% pear, 33% apple, and 9% quince. Open very carefully, as contents are under some pressure.