Caparzo Rosso di Montalcino 2015

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Caparzo's Rosso di Montalcino DOC is made from grapes from our vineyards to the north and south of Montalcino. The microclimates of the different zones allow us to obtain consistent quality from vintage to vintage. A worthy alternative for the discerning consumer, Rosso di Montalcino is harmonious, elegant, savory, and pairs well with foods.

SOURCE VINEYARDS: “Caparzo”, 220 meters above sea level in the northern part of the Appellation: 6 hectares. Terrain: Pliocene sandy-clayey sediments. “Il Cassero”, 270 meters above sea level, in the southern part of the Appellation: 6 hectares. Terrain: Pliocene sediments with sandy-stony or scisty-clayey matrices. “San Piero – Caselle”, 250 meters above sea level, in the eastern part of the Appellation: 7 hectares. Terrain: sandy-clayey.

GRAPES: Sangiovese.

HARVEST: mechanical, with equipment that separates out the green parts.

PRIMARY FERMENTATION: 7 days at a controlled temperature of 28 to 30 °C, followed by delestages and pump overs. Because of the superb quality of the skins, the wine is kept in contact with them for a further 5 days.


AGING IN WOOD: 1 year in traditional 50 and 80 hectoliter Slavonian oak casks.

BOTTLE AGING: at least three months. 

COLOR: intense ruby. BOUQUET: penetrating, quite ample, and complex, vith violets, raspberries and pomegranates. PALATE: warm, dry, and rich, with nice balance. FOOD-WINE PAIRINGS: red meats, pasta with meat sauces, legume-based soups, aged cheeses. SERVING TEMPERATURE: 18 °C, better if opened 1 - 2 hours before it is poured.