Chateau de Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone Deux Albions 2015

$ 23.25

Chateau de Saint Cosme -“Les Deux Albion“- Côtes du Rhône red 2015 Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre and Clairette co-fermented.

Six weeks maceration. Full clusters. Clay slope (ancient alluvions), limestony marl, rolling stones. Aged in wooden vats and concrete vats.

Les Deux Albion is a very traditional wine. It begins its life with an indigeneous yeasts co-fermentation of full clusters and keeps going with a long maceration. Then it waits for 18 months in a simple concrete vat before being bottled without any filtration. How can I make a wine on a simpler way?

In 2013, we certainly lost big quantities of Grenache but we got fantastic Syrah. As Deux Albion is made of 50% Syrah, 2013 is a great vintage for this cuvée. As the northern Syrah needs some sun, the southern Syrah needs the cool temperatures to make great wines : that was the scenario of 2013.

Balanced, straightforward and full, Deux Albions 2013 is deep like a great vintage which ages well. There is less Grenache than usual but the other grapes « do the job » very well in this nice atypical vintage. Gingerbread, blueberry, smoked ham, violet

Bottled without any filtration