Chateau Mukhrani Goruli Mtsvane 2014

$ 24.25

Goruli Mtsvane is Georgia’s endemic and unique white varietal which has proven itself through the centuries and has always been delivering refreshing and memorable wines.

Vinification: Grapes are transferred into vibrating reception bins and then moved on an extremely gentle conveyor belt to the crusher. Destemming and immediate chilling of the must at 5 to 6°C while transferring for de-juicing or skin maceration under strict inert gas ambient with in-line injection as well as inert conditions in the tank space. Free run separation and juice settling under a temperature controlled environment. Decantation. Fermentation of clear juice at 14 to 15°C using only selected yeast species. Elevage by means of «sur lie». Style balance and preparation for bottling. Bottling is done under the highest standards protecting the wine from all possibilities for quality hazard.

Colour is green to light yellow straw. The bouquet is rich with white and yellow plum fruit blended with citrus. Palate is softly fruity with alive & refreshing acidity. Excellent expressed vinosity, common to all Georgian wines, brings all the characteristics out to the full.

This wine is best enjoyed with poultry and fish. It is charming with crisp salads. It is also excellent as an aperitif.