De Tarczal Trentino Chardonnay 2015

$ 18.00

This stunningly pristine, bright and slightly viscous Chardonnay is as fresh as it is delicious. Grown at the foot of the Alps in Trentino, Italy, the estate is green and cool, with a chalky-white river running though the property. 

The de Tarczal vineyards were once the land of the ancient and illustrious Count Alberti family, which included one of the prince bishop’s of Trento, and came into possession of Ruggero de Tarczal’s family over a century ago.

The land was part of the dowry of Countess Alberti when she married Gèza Dell’Adami de Tarczal, admiral of the Royal Austro-Hungarian Fleet, and a direct ancestor of Ruggero. Their wine production started to flourish in the golden years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when Marzemino was always served at the imperial court.

The vineyards are located at the mid-height of the mountains on the right side of the Adige river. As long as can be remembered, grapes have been grown on their lands, and wines produced in their cellars, with records dating back to the mid 1600’s. Their wines come exclusively from grapes grown in their vineyards, and are both limited and chosen with high selectivity, with the goal of producing only genuine, classical wines which they achieve by employing old and proven winemaking procedures.

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