Domaine de la Taille aux Loups Vin de France "Clos de la Bretonniere" 2015

$ 24.25

Made by the iconic Loire Valley vigneron Jacky Blot.

Location: The appellation area opens at the eastern limits of the agglomeration Tourangelle and extends over 7 municipalities of the right bank of the Loire and bordering its tributary, the Brenne. Area: 2000 ha.

Soils: The vineyard covers the stony hillsides on tufa substrate (white chalk of Turonian) interspersed with confluent valleys and covers of "parakeet" (flinty clay that gives the mineral character) and "aubuis" (clay-limestone) that make the potency of sweet wines).

Climate: On the edge of confluent valleys, soils warm up quickly under the oceanic influence, weakening at this level of the Loire which penetrates to the heart of the vineyard. Sunny autumns encourage over-ripening and even noble rot. Obtaining semi-dry, sweet or sweet wines depends on climate variability: the vintage effect is decisive.

Note about the label: The grapes for this wine come from the Vouvray AOC. Vintners in that appellation recently dictated through the AOC regulations that only wines vinified within the delimitation of the AOC may use the Vouvray name on the label; thus, this wine is labeled Vin de France. Silly, but there you are. It is quintessential Vouvray.