Domaine de Seguela Cuvee Planete 2010

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Le Domaine Séguéla is operated by Trinidad and Jean-Pierre Séguéla, for whom wine making has been a family tradition spanning over 7 generations. Passionate about his profession and highly respectful of the “terroir” of his locality, the Seguela has established the goal of raising the reputation traditionally attributed to his region of Roussillon, by producing wines of the highest standards of quality. Like in all art forms, a successful creation is not simply explained by explicit technical criteria. It also depends on the careful negotiation of several interweaving factors, most of which requiring substantial investments in various resources both human and financial in nature, which are often bypassed by contemporary viticulture.

blend of 50% Carignan and 50% Syrah, AOC Cote de Rousillon Villages

A fabulously charismatic natural wine from one of the most impressive producers in Roussillon (or anywhere). Planète is one of those wines that just oozes class and distinction, an extraordinarily vibrant and accomplished blend that is a huge testament to the potential of the Roussillon region. You need to try this wine.