Etienne Boileau Chablis 2015

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Domaine du Etienne Boileau is situated in the small town of Chablis at the northern extremes of viable viticulture in the northernmost wine district of the Burgundy region of France. Subscribing to the belief that tradition combined with terroir and climate are essential to making a great wine, viticulture at the estate is dominated by the belief that a winegrower should allow the natural environment where his grapes are grown to be reflected directly in the glass.

Winemaking details:

  • 100% Chardonnay, locally known as “Beaunois” harvested from hillside vineyards
  • Soils: Kimmeridge clay over a limestone subsoil
  • tank fermented with selected yeasts
  • controlled malolactic fermentation

Tasting Notes: Endearing nose mingling lemony notes, freshly cut grass and mineral touch. Beautifully balanced fat and exuberance coating the palate and lingering delightfully. A focused, mineral and compelling Chablis.


FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal wine with fish, white meat, andouillettes, crawfish, lobster, blue-veined cheese and goat’s milk cheese.