Falling for France- a novel by Nancy L. Milby

$ 11.95

Ah! France!  Where wine and passion flow and flourish-- but not without intrigue, and certainly not without consequences.  

Welcome to the premier installment of A Foreign Affair, the novels of Nancy Milby.  Pour yourself a glass of wine, toss a log on the fire, and lower your defenses.  You are about to be seduced.

Falling for France, the first escapade in this generational saga, finds Annie Shaw-- attractive, bright, with a loving husband and a family on the way-- losing everything.  She buries herself in her work, determined to keep her broken hear under lock and key, as she skillfully climbs the corporate ladder.  She accepts that joy and romance are the tattered pages of her personal history book until a serendipitous flight to France... and a chance encounter with a French aristocrat too handsome to be trusted.  

Join Annie in her foray into the wine country of France as she must decid if opening her heart once again means losing her soul.

She could use some good advice.

(This is book #1 of A Foreign Affair)