Heimann Kadarka 2015

$ 19.75

100% Kadarka

Kadarka, a native Balkan wine, was believed to have been brought to Hungary by the Serbs in the 16th Century. It was extremely popular in the 19th Century but was almost completely eliminated under communism. It makes an excellent red wine. While the wine is on the paler side owing to lower tannins, its acids are vigorous and well balanced. It produces complex flavors such as black pepper, cherry jam and cloves and spices. It is one of the key constituents of Bikavér (Bull's Blood) and is undergoing a revival. This Hungarian grape can make rather good weighty, tannic red but it needs careful cultivation.

Winemakers Notes: For the past 25 years, Heimann has put a great effort to improve the grape variety Kadarka. In collaboration with the Pécs Research Institute, it started a new clonal selection process, looking at 80-100 year old vineyards for the best vines and paying attention to grape characteristics like yield, skin thickness, and typical spicy flavors. Seven clones were selected, planted and shared with fellow winemakers. 

Grown on the löss-covered hills of Szekszárd, Kadarka shows its uniquely spicy and fruity character and fine acidity. In order to preserve and expose its elegant raciness, the wine is aged in big wooden barrels for 5 months.