2009 Karp-Schreiber Alte Reben Spatlese 2009

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Our family has been cultivating wine on the Mosel since 1664, but our ambitions do not end when we return to traditions that are worth preserving. In cultivation this means integrated viticulture with consistent nature observation. Pre-harvest surveys in all vineyards help to determine the right time to harvest, with not only the oechslegrade but also the acid in the foreground. The famous slate slopes of the Brauneberger Juffer and Juffer sundial not only bring high must weights, but also a good acidity with high extracts and mature Riesling flavors. Characteristic of our winery is the pursuit of the most elegant balance between ripe acidity and the finest fruit.

Tasting Notes:

Begins with a really lovely aroma full of apricot, peach, pear and spicy apple. Tasting reveals more of the same with tons of great, deep fruit flavors like apricot and tart citrus along with nice honey sweetness and crisp acidity, with a wonderful full and smooth mouthfeel. Honeyed fruit notes turn very tart on the long finish.