La Guita, Manzanilla Sanlucar de Barrameda Sherry - 375ml

$ 13.25

Manzanilla is a form of fine, dry Sherry which is produced around the port of Sanlucar de Barrameda. Manzanilla Sherry is made in the same was as Fino Sherry, however the cooling Atlantic Ocean winds coming off the Gulf of Cadiz creates an environment where the yeast often gros better. The resulting thicker layer of yeast protects the wine from the air even further, giving the Sherry an even finer and more delicate flavor than other Fino Sherries.

There is an ongoing dispute surrounding the name of this variety of Spanish Sherry. Manzanilla translates to chamomile in Spanish, so some people believe this style of sherry is named after apples as it tastes a little bit like the fruit. Some people believe that it tastes like chamomile tea. Other theories claim that the grape vine used at the beginning of the existence of this drink was called manzanilla and that the wines resemble those that came from the town of Manzanilla during the 15th century.

The town of Sanlucar de Barrameda dates back to Roman times. It is situated at the northern tip of the sherry triangle and is located on the Guadalquivir river estuary which empties into the Atlantic Ocean in the Cadiz Provice of Andalucia. 

La Guita is the only Manzanilla produced exclusively from the Pago Miraflores vineyards around Sanlucar; an area known for its famed Albariza Superior soils that lend the characteristic mineral quality that makes this Manzanilla so memorable. A defining principle of the winery is that each bottle is prepared upon demand. La Guita was the first bodega to print the bottling date on its bottles, guaranteeing proper rotation and perpetuating its trademark reputation of being the freshest Manzanilla in the market.

Tasting Notes: Golden brown in color. On the nose baked apple, hints of hazelnut and chamomile and an herbal note of lemon thyme, newly baled hay and salt air. On the palate preserved lemon peel, subtle iodine, almond and green olive give way to tangy dried apricot and mandarin and a sea urchin richness.