Moulin de la Roque Bandol Rouge Les Hauts du Vallon 2015

$ 21.75

84% Mourvedre, 11% Grenache & 5% Carignan

A specific  geography

The terroir of Bandol- oriented towards the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by a range of hills and mountains- is shaped like a  perfect natural amphitheatre. The Moulin de La Roque vineyard- boasting 1,500 parcels over a total surface area of 305 hectares- straddles  8 communes: Bandol, La Cadière d’Azur, Le Castellet, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, Le Beausset, Evenos, Ollioules and Sanary-sur-Mer).  Such diversity is one of this terroir’s most precious assets.

An ideal microclimate

The terroir of Bandol benefits from a micro-climate favourable to the optimal ripeness of Mourvèdre which is the main grape variety. The vineyard enjoys maximum sunshine exceeding 3,000 hours per year. The Mediterranean climate – characterized by rather wet and mild winters with pretty scarce but intense rainfalls as well as hot and dry summers- is tempered with maritime influence. The neighbouring hills shield the vineyards from the onsets of Mistral ( a strong northerly cold wind blowing through southern France).

A mosaic of terroir

In order to enhance the personality of its Bandol wines, Moulin de La Roque has collaborated with bodies such as I.N.A.O, the Chamber of Agriculture and I.C.V. since 1997. This collaboration has made it possible to identify homogeneous entities regarding geology and pedology. As a result Mourvèdre grapes can be vinified separately according to what terroir zone they belong to. Five terroirs – each having their own characteristics depending on the vintage year- have been identified and the best Bandol wines are produced by blending these wines.