Muhr-Van der Niepoort Blaufrankisch "Samt & Seide" 2015

$ 22.50

Together with Portuguese Dirk Niepoort, best known for his Port and Douro wines, Austrian Dorli Muhr resuscitated her family vineyards to produce some of Austria’s very finest Blaufränkisch.

The appellation. In a region, Carnuntum, known for its vivacious and affable Zweigelt, the Spitzerberg estate Muhr-van der Niepoort stands out for producing some of Austria’s very finest Blaufränkisch, regionally and stylistically distinct from the fine Blaufränkers of nearby Burgenland, but every bit as expressive as wines from Gols or Deutschkreutz.

The Romans planted vines in this limestone-rich Carnuntum region many ages ago, but it had fallen into wine oblivion during much of the 20th century. Dorli resuscitated her family vineyards here, on a cooler, south-facing, western foothill of the Little Carpathians.

In the cellar. The grapes are not treated with any sulphur, and no cultured yeasts is used; A very gentle maceration is conducted without any mechanical tools. All together, the winemaking is the same as many decades before. The wines mature in wooden barrels for two years before they are released. The emphasis is focused on handwork, articulate in the finished wines as elegance of expression and refined ageability that let the unique terroir comes through. The resulting wines have precision and sophistication, perfectly reflecting Dorli’s personality.

Our Notes: The name means Velvet & Silk. This Blaufränkisch from the extreme eastern Austrian winegrowing region Carnuntum speaks with authority and elegance in equal measure. The well-trained musculature of a ballerina, articulate grace without compromise. A studied variety of vinification techniques—some lots whole clusters, some foot-trodden—extraordinary focus & flair, and the answer to many umami questions.


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