Petra Unger Gruner Veltliner Oberfeld 1OTW Alte Reben Kremstal Reserve 2015

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The Petra Unger estate is located in the village of Furth in Austria’s Kremstal wine region, on the southern bank of the Danube River. It is situated directly below the massive, famed Abbey of Göttweig, founded in 1083, which dominates the mountaintop to this day. The region is home to Austria’s finest white wines, due to superb exposure to sunlight, altitude, and an ideal climate with long, warm days and cool nights. At Kremstal, the narrow Danube valley broadens into a landscape of smooth hills and large terraces. The warming Pannonian influence from the east enhances the heat-reflecting effect of the river´s large water surface, creating ideal ripening conditions. Petra Unger’s 11 ha of vineyards are planted mostly with white grapes: 60% Grüner Veltliner and 20% Riesling. Rosé and Red wines from Zweigelt and Pinot Noir represent about 20% of the estate’s production.
Petra Unger took over the winery from her parents in 1999 after studying agriculture and viticulture at university in Vienna and then completing an internship in the Napa Valley. She is member of the associations “ÖTW -Österreichische Traditionsweingüter – Austrian traditional wineries”-” and “11 women and their wines”. Building upon her parents work, she strives for highest quality without making any compromises. Petra adheres to the principle that “great wines are born in the vineyards” and seeks the maximum of individual expression from the vineyard sites. She carefully manages the vineyards to create a sound natural environment and healthy fruit. For example, Unger plants cover crops like clover to naturally add nutrition to the soil. And she avoids the need for pesticides by encouraging the presence of predators of mites and careful leaf management and green harvesting to allow for aeration after rain and maximum exposure of the grape bunches to sunlight.

This site is situated on the southern side of the Danube-river, on a high plateau underneath the mountain of Göttweig with it´s mighty monastery on top. The vines of this vineyard are 55 year old and their roots reach deep. So they recieve all the moisture and minerals from the depths. Soil: deep sandy loess (chalky loam).

Harvest and Cellar: 28th of October we picked the golden, fully ripe grapes with 21,5° KMW from the vineyard at the site “Oberfeld” by hand. After destemming with four hours standing time for maceration of the mash and careful pressing, the must settled over night, temperature controlled. On the next morning the fresh must was pulled off from the settlings to a new tank. We prepared a spontaneous yeast starter in a bucket and added it to the tank to help starting the spontaneous fermentation. Temperature controlled fermentation by 18- 21° C after three weeks the must was fermented through. Taken off the lies to another tank and sulphur added. On the fine lies till end of July. Bentonite fining followed. Then filtered with diadomacious earthfilter and bottled. One month maturing in the bottle and released beginning of September.

Vintage 2015: Ripeness, fruit and elegance

Tasting notes: Shiny yellow colour. Intense nose of ripe yellow apples and jucy pears, rose-apricots, mandarins and mangos with typical white pepper and herbal notes in the end. The intense pure aromas continue on the palate, good structured, powerful and very elegant body, long lasting!
To serve with: roasted fish, seafood, smoked fish, - salmon, roasted goose, asian food, spicy food, homemade pasta with mushrooms, beef.