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Pfneisl Blau Franker 2017, 1 liter bottle

$ 16.50

1 Liter bottle! A little like Gamay, a little like Cab Franc, Blaufränkisch is a site expressive noble sort capable of profundity and fun. Birgit and Katrin Pfneisl are both. Rather than make wine with their father and uncles who run the well established family estate in Austria, the sisters decided to farm their ancestral vines in Sopron, Hungary, where Blaufränkisch is Kékfrankos and Pfneisl is Pfneiszl.

From the outset, their wines contrasted sharply with those of their elders: lighter, prettier, less structured and more aromatic. Organic farming, old vines and wild fermentation all contributed, but the finesse of their wines comes from some sort of heighten sensitivity. Their Kékfrankos has always been more Blaufränkisch than most Blaufränkisch — farming and wine making aside — so we were happy to discover Birgit and Katrin's increasing involvement in the Austrian estate and immediately taken with the results. Blaufränker is that wine: a collaborative wine project between Blue Danube Wine Co and the Pfneisl sisters, born from the common goal of deepening our relationships with each other and this love-able grape. 

From the Pfneisl sisters: fruity, spicy, dry, and complex. The exotic charms of Blaufränker, our not so simple house wine, come from the old local grape Blaufränkisch. We are sisters, farmers, and winemakers. Blaufränker comes from our Austrian vineyards. We also make wine in Hungary, where Blaufränkisch is Kékfrancos, like our family did before there was a border. The land is our livelihood. We live to respect and share its gifts, above all Blaufränkisch. In it twinkle the stars and sun, the wildness of nature, the faces of our friends and family and maybe yours too!.