Puramun Malbec Reserva 2013

$ 21.25

Puramun Reserva Malbec 2013 displays the signature elegance and balance of a Pepe Galante wine. The rich and flirty fruit aromas of this supple red are absolutely alluring. Full-bodied and luscious with a hint of spice and soft tannins, this wine has finesse and grace. Robust and lively, the superb quality of those hand-harvested Valle de Uco grapes is evident in every sip. A beautiful wine that deftly showcases Pepe's talent and passion, Puramun Reserva Malbec 2013 is a stunning achievement and absolutely delicious. Bravo to Pepe and the Galante family!

When the name Pepe Galante appears on a bottle, you know that the wine will be something special. Renowned as the father of modern winemaking in Argentina, Pepe has more than 40 harvests to his credit. Pepe's stellar reputation was earned during his 34 years as chief winemaker at Catena Zapata and currently at Bodegas Salentein. Proving to the world that Argentina can produce extraordinary wine, Pepe has been the catalyst for the increased level of respect for Malbec and other Argentine varietals.

When other winemakers speak of Pepe, not only do they praise his talent, they speak of his humility. I can vouch for this. Soft-spoken and kind, Pepe shares his wonderful wines without pretension. His latest project, Puramun, is deeply personal and close to his heart because it is Pepe's first-ever wine project owned by his family.