Torley Gála Sparkling Wine

$ 11.00

Gála is a Charmat Method sparkling wine made from an unexpected combination of Zöldveltelini, Rizling and the native Hungarian grape Királyleányka. Blended after primary fermentation, secondary fermentation takes place in large pressurized tanks to maintain the primary aromas of the grapes. Wines are then filtered, cold stabilized and bottled under pressure (CO2). Between 2008 and 2010 Törley invested 5.3 million EUR into their wine making facilities. They are capable of bottling 12,000 bottles an hour in an ultra hygienic facility enabling them to produce products with an extremely high quality to cost ratio.

NOTES & PAIRINGS Three grapes define the blend. Zöldveltelini stays varietally correct with white pepper notes while the Rizling and Királyleányka add floral aromatics and freshness. This is an incredibly versatile dry sparkling wine that can easily stand on its own or act as an ideal platform to build a cocktail on - a perfect substitute for a Prosecco. Fresh and alive with acidity without overpoweing the fruit and minterality. Ingredients with a hint of sweetness like crab and lobster pair beautifully. Soft cheeses, fresh fruit, and lightly fried dishes with fresh herbs (Lángos!) are also great with chilled bottle of Gála.