Tornai Juhfark Premium 2015

$ 15.25

From Somlo, Hungary

The Tornai estate has a total area of 56 ha, including a 53.5­ha vineyard and a 2.5­ha area still to be planted with grapevine. Planted varieties include Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű, Olaszrizling, Korona, and Sárfehér. On the slopes of Mt. Somló, the soil is made of volcanic rocks, which gives the wines a distinctive 'Somló' taste associated with minerals. The exposure of the vineyards guarantees top quality ripe grapes. Pruning is done exclusively by hand. With a special emphasis on agro­technical and biological protection, a lot of attention is paid to the selection of shoots, cleaning the trunk, and removing side shoots. Biological protection targets mainly insects. The swarming of grapevine moths is monitored by using pheromone traps during the reproduction period. 

Following the gentle processing of grapes, steel tanks are used for controlled winemaking carried out with the help of reductive technology. The best selected fruits soak for 12 hours on skin and then ferment in 500­l oak barrels.

Juhfark Premium is Tornai's flagship wine. Age­worthy, its minerality supports the typicity given by the terroir. In 2015, the wine is a blend of stainless steel and oak aged Juhfark. It shows overripe aromas on the nose, underlined by stony notes. Very complex on the palate with a vibrant and round acidity, it's a serious wine. Long finish with plenty of excitement.