Vidal + Vidal "La Seca" Verdejo 2015

$ 18.50

Vidal is a family name shared by the producer and the importer of this wine. It means Life or to Live. We chose Cepas muy viejas (Very old vines) from a single vineyard to express this distant family connection. It is the perfect model for what the Verdejo grape can produce in ideal soil and in the hands of a sensitive winemaker.

100% Verdejo. The vineyard Finca El Alto in La Seca is an ancient and arid, stone strewn river bed of 21 acres. The soil is sandy with fist sized alluvial stones. Vines grow at an elevation of 2300 feet in a continental climate.

Tasting Notes: Elegant and filled with fruit and floral tones. On the palate it is soft and big, showing good balance with notes of grapefruit and a bitter almond finish.

Food Pairing: Chickpeas, pork, crayfish, peppercorn, garlic...