Walter Buchegger Riesling Tiefenthal Kremstal 2016

$ 23.50

To make good wine, says Walter Buchegger has much to do with the art of living: You have to be a traditionalist, while facing new opportunity. You have to be patient and accept that you never can work against nature and you have to realize that shortcuts can lead to success in the short term, but are in the long term a dead end.

Walter Buchegger has the responsibility of many generations on his shoulders. Even the ancient Romans made wine in Kremstal. The pressing, he learned from an early age by his father Leopold, himself began in 1965. In 1994, Walter Buchegger then took over the operation and established on some of the best locations in the Kremstal. His wines reward us with integrity and elegance, a typical regional character.

Tasting notes: Clear stone fruits aromas, very fine and precise in the nose. On the palate it stays very compact, with no trace of being overloaded. Just the opposite bone dry, with a vivid acidity and a very grapey finish.